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Matt Browne is a meticulous criminal defence lawyer whose unique background sets him apart from his peers. Armed with a background in engineering, Matt Browne brings a rare analytical perspective to the courtroom. Clients benefit from his strategic approach to advocacy, and his relentless approach to criminal defence.


The right to reasonable bail is enshrined in the Charter. A bail plan that addresses the grounds for detention can ensure you spend as little time in custody as possible.

Sexual Offences

The law surrounding sexual offences has become particularly complex. An effective defence lawyer is crucial when defending yourself against a sexual offence allegation.

Drug Offences

Drug offences often engage an individual's Charter rights. Notably, the right to be secure from unreasonable search or seizure.

Violent Offences

Violent offences carry some of the toughest penalties. For example, a murder conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment.

Property Offences

Property crimes are common and often accompany other criminal charges. There are specific property crime defences that may be applicable to your case.

Driving Offences

There are many driving offences in the Criminal Code, including: driving while impaired, dangerous driving, and flight from police.

Firearm Offences

The use and possession of firearms in Canada is highly regulated. An individuals failure to properly store a firearm can result in criminal charges.


Assault covers a broad range of conduct, from threatening gestures to bodily harm. We have experience assisting clients with the entire range of assault charges.


The Youth Criminal Justice Act is a unique piece of legislation that is pertinent to the prosecution of young persons.

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